Job seeker FAQs

Who is My Christian Daily Jobs?
My Christian Daily Jobs is the global job board of one of the world’s most popular Christian websites: Operated by Christian media company Initiate Media, our goal is to help Christians find the best employment to suit their skills, and also help employers have the right people working within their organizations. Every good team needs this combination to achieve success, and therefore My Christian Daily Jobs exists to help facilitate this.

I am looking for a job. What do I do?
Using our website is easy. Simply search and browse the available positions in the area in which you reside, or are going to be residing in.

Are there any other ways I can find jobs?
Yes, you can follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or sign up to receive our weekly newsletter to see jobs within the country that you reside in.

If I am based in one country, but I see a job of interest in another country. can I apply?
Yes, however to be fair to the employer advertising the position, we ask that you only apply for jobs that you have the ability to work at. For example if you see a job in Chicago and you reside in the UK, but you do not have the willingness to move to that country, then we simply ask that you do not waste the employer’s time by applying for jobs that you are not physically willing to move for. This, of course, is different in management roles, where the right person may need to come from another country. Most employers listing jobs get loads of applications, so to be fair to them, please exercise wisdom concerning the jobs you apply for.

I have applied for a job. Should I call the employer to inquire about the position, or to ensure they received my application?
Employers always have a specified staff member collecting all applications, so, generally speaking, it is best to give them some time to go through the applications, and then make contact with you. And in most cases, they will sit on the applications received until the closing date, before they start making contact. So if the job you have applied for has not closed, then it is best to avoid contact. If you haven’t heard from the employer perhaps two weeks after the closing date, then it is fair to email the person handling the applications.  

Is it wise to apply for positions that I am not qualified for?
If the position asks for certain qualifications to be able to apply, and you do not have these, then no. While Christian organizations are fair and equal employers, they still need well-qualified people in key positions to ensure their organization reaches it potential, or achieves its mandate. So be sure that the jobs you apply for are jobs that you stand a realistic chance of being considered for.

Employer FAQs

How do I list my positions vacant?
Simply click here to start posting immediately.

What is the cost?
Job listings are only $49 per listing.

How long are my job listings advertised?
Your job listings are advertised for a full 30 days.

If I fill my positions within the 30 days, what happens?
To avoid receiving applications for positions either closed or filled, it is wise that you remove jobs.

I understand My Christian Daily Jobs is a global job board but I only want to advertise for local people. How do I do this?
That’s the beauty with My Christian Daily Jobs. While we are a global job board, the job seekers can choose the country they want to find employment in, and then drill down to select a relevant region. So based on this My Christian Daily Jobs is as much a local job board as it is a global one.

Are there other ways you promote job listings, aside from people surfing to the site?
Yes. Selected jobs are posted to Facebook and Twitter, plus we send a weekly newsletter to each of the 7 main countries (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore). That way we are sending job opportunities to people who can apply. 


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