Foothills Community Christian School

The Advancement Coordinator is a member of the Foothills Community Christian School (“FCCS”) administrative team. The Coordinator is responsible for leading FCCS’s advancement program as directed by the Head of School and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Coordinator will Prayerfully assist parents in providing a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others to fulfill God’s potential in each of their lives through the delivery of school advancement and development services that will contribute retaining and recruiting students, increasing support in order to increase the students’ development as mature, able, and responsible Christian men and women to the praise and glory of God.

Salary/Compensation: $50,000-$55,000 annually

Hours: Full-Time

Reports to: Head of School

Location: Great Falls, MT

Job Duties

Donor Relations

  • Serve as a donor relations professional charged with inspiring, committing, stewarding, and renewing purposeful relationships with benefactors who seek to support FCCS through financial means. This includes annual-gifts, principal-gifts, and planned-gifts.
  • Works with appropriate Board leadership and FCCS executives to develop strategies to initiate and meet aggressive fundraising goals.
  • Develops and implements strategies and activities that engage donors and donor prospects through annual fundraising campaigns, fundraising events, and special projects approved by the Board.
  • Manages and maintains the donor database and records, including general contact information, giving records, and contact reports related to meetings, calls, and correspondence with individual donors.
  • Manages the pledge reminder and acknowledgement programs, properly tracks and accounts for pledges, and tracks and maintains a system to ensure compliance with effective pledge restrictions.
  • Coordinates, collaborates with, and supports other professionals and volunteers who are engaged in major-gift, principle-gift, and planned-gift activities.

Volunteer Relations

  • Serve as a volunteer relations professional charged with activating, managing, and nurturing productive relationships with volunteers who seek to support FCCS through non-financial means.
  • Works with appropriate Board leadership and FCCS executives to develop and implement strategies to activate, manage, effectively and efficiently utilize and appreciate volunteers and partners.
  • Recruits, trains, and manages a diverse group of volunteers in support of appropriate campaigns, events, and priority projects.
  • Manages and maintains the volunteer database and records, including general contact information, volunteer agreements, training records, and notes related to volunteer activity and performance.

Parent (Current & Prospective) Relations

  • Serve as a liaison between FCCS and the parents regarding opportunities for collaboration, volunteerism, giving opportunities and cultivate meaningful relationships that will last beyond their child’s graduation date.
  • Seek to recruit new families to Foothills through direct and indirect engagement.

Public Relations, Marketing, and Events

  • Serve as a partner relations professional charged with engaging and informing students, parents, alumni, friends, churches, businesses, schools and other constituents who have a meaningful relationship with FCCS.
  • Communicate about FCCS with those who have a stake in its success, including community members, business leaders, government officials, the press and others.
  • Works closely with appropriate FCCS executives to develop and implement strategies to promote FCCS’s mission to both the internal constituencies and the community at large.
  • Designs and oversees production, content and distribution of all major publications, including newsletters, annual reports, FCCS’s website, Foothills App, Social media and manages and works with internal and external designers and printers to promote FCCS’ s fund and friend raising goals and activities.
  • Plans, oversees and implements public and private events to advance FCCS ‘s mission and achieve measurable outcomes, as approved by the Board.
  • Manages and maintains the constituent database and records, including the accurate and timely input and update of general contact information, constituent research, communication logs, and notes related to responses and engagement.

Management Responsibilities 

  • Provides recurring progress reports related to the deliverables and measurable outcomes articulated within the FCCS Strategic Plan inclusive of the ACSI Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) or Accreditation Actions.
  • With support of an Advancement Committee (planning, brainstorming): Implements the advancement portion of the FCCS Strategic Plan inclusive of the ACSI Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) or Accreditation Actions.
  • Properly and effectively supervises personnel and volunteers who have accepted delegated assignments of the duties and responsibilities set forth above or which relate to them and accepts responsibility for the resulting deliverables and outcomes.
  • Affects and maintains a professional, proactive, positive, highly collaborative, and performance-centric work environment at all times.
  • Serve as Acting Executive Director in the absence of the Head of School

Weekly Tasks

Footnotes – create newsletter template for each week and include PTF/Fundraising events and Advancement Announcements. Advancement is responsible for pushing out Footnotes if Mrs. Pennell is out.

App Updates – Update Marquee for upcoming events, holidays, or important information.

Reader board – update outdoor reader board (also can be done by ambassadors)

Log Sheets – Enter donor information and gifts from log sheets each week. These are scanned and emailed to you and need to be saved in the Advancement shared drive – under Log Sheets, organized by year and month and labeled for each day.

Application Report – update excel file each week beginning in December or early January for inquiries, applications, and enrollments. This report is provided in each monthly board report. Recommend running on Friday or Monday mornings

Thank You Notes – send Thank you notes to donors and volunteers as needed.

Social Media – posts are recommended daily but at least 3-4 times a week. Game Day posts for sports, scripture posts on Sundays and creation of upcoming events and programs for sharing on social. When there is time and staff, it is great to create interactive content which will increase how many followers actually see the page. More interaction means more visibility.

Monthly Tasks

Newsletter – Falcon Flyer is emailed to contacts monthly (through Constant Contact) – currently the last Wednesday of the month. Deadline can be changed based on events, holidays, etc.

Advancement Report – due to the Head of School and Advancement contact for board by Friday before the monthly board meeting. Recommend running giving reports so the month end is complete with log sheets for consistency.

Receipts – This is excellent if you can run them monthly but we have been doing them quarterly. Sometimes will need to be more frequently during peak times. Recommend running receipts prior to large events like year-end letter and banquet.

Monthly Donors – Monitor giving of monthly donors and ensure credit cards are processing and gifts are being processed. Follow up with donors when they complete a pledge or year long giving. Are there Falconer Perks that need to be added/updated.

Donor Meetings– Goal is 3-5 donor meetings per month. Sometimes this is attainable and sometimes not pending other events and campaigns. Having regular communication with donors is important for longevity of relationship with the school.

To apply for this job email your details to