Associate Director of School Administration, Indiana

New Song Mission
June 7, 2024
July 27, 2024
Brown County, Indiana
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Job Description

The responsibility of the Associate Director of School Administration is to plan, organize, and implement a safe, structured, and engaging educational environment for the students of New Song Mission. The Director of School Administration will ensure the establishment and sustainability of healthy classroom atmosphere where students are held to high standards of conduct and accountability, while also being extremely encouraged and personally assisted in their academic efforts. The administrator will lead our academic program in a transparent, productive, collaborative, and responsible fashion that promotes a quality education and cohesion among our New Song staff team.

Hours: Full-Time Exempt

Salary: $35,000 – $45,000 annually

Benefits: $1,000 signing bonus, stipend for health care, and 7 weeks paid vacation (4 in summer, 3 during school year)

Location: Nashville, IN

Job Duties

Classroom Instruction: 

The school administrator will tutor and teach in the classroom, which is primarily comprised of K-8th grade students, in accordance with the Classroom Teacher job description. This direct classroom instruction will initially take up about 80% of the position’s time. As the ministry grows and more teachers and tutors are hired, the administrative aspects of the role will increase and the direct classroom
instruction will decrease.

Program Oversight and Development:

The individual will drive the evaluation, development, and implementation of New Song’s academic program to support student learning and achieve successful student outcomes. This staff member will lead and oversee all new academic initiatives and programs from inception to concept design to execution and evaluation. He or she shall apply standard program development practices, for example, creating objectives, deadlines, schedules, and success criteria. Working alongside other staff leadership members, the academic director will also lead in the selection and/or development of tools that enable New Song to both measure the success of our academic program and report our successes to supporters and others.

In addition, the school administrator will take the lead in objectively and regularly evaluating curriculum and, in collaboration with others and with input from our students, select and/or develop new curriculum as needed in order to help elevate student success. In so doing, the administrator will take into consideration the highly personalized academic experience which New Song has successfully provided students over the years that has allowed our boys and girls to thrive.

Program development and curriculum choice must align with the requirements of school accreditation, a long-term ministry goal the pursuit of which this key staff member will spearhead and oversee.

Personalized Instruction:

A hallmark of New Song’s educational program is meeting the students’ academic needs in a highly personalized way. The staff member will ensure that the individual needs of each student are met through personal support so that students are equipped to learn and grow toward their God-given potential. Each student must be encouraged and aided throughout the school day, and their successes and accomplishments must be celebrated with great enthusiasm, no matter how large or small those achievements might be.


This academic administrator will be one who welcomes collaboration and embraces the holistic ministry that New Song provides vulnerable children. Our educational program is part of a larger ministry that comprehensively meets all the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of boys and girls through a variety of programs and opportunities we provide boys and girls. Therefore, all key decisions in our educational program must be made in the context of the broader ministry and are decided upon in conjunction with and dialogue among our leadership team and approval of our Executive Director. Working together, New Song will maintain and grow in its ability to have a holistic, transformative impact on students’ lives, by the grace of God.

Teacher/Tutor Supervision:

The individual will train, support, and supervise New Song’s classroom teachers/tutors so that they successfully fulfill their job requirements including the proper implementation of New Song’s curriculum, providing periodic teacher evaluations which include goal setting for personal improvement.

Classroom Structure and Student Accountability:

New Song students thrive the best in a highly structured classroom environment where they are held accountable for poor behavior. Our classrooms and educational program must be very organized and predictable. Students who exhibit poor behavior must be held accountable for their actions. Addressing student behavioral difficulties must be done in accordance with New Song’s methodology and training New Song provides for working with and discipling vulnerable kids who come from challenging backgrounds. Behavioral expectations for students in the classroom must adhere to the same standards students have throughout our campus. The school administrator will be responsible for fostering and maintaining this classroom structure and student accountability.

Hands-on experiences:

Where helpful, incorporating interactive, hands-on experiences into the core curriculum and introducing new hands-on educational programs to supplement our core curriculum is a future direction that we believe would be very beneficial to our students.


The school administrator will lead in the development of academic outcomes in collaboration with other members of New Song’s leadership team.


The school administrator will ensure compliance with any applicable local, state, and federal standards that may be imposed on our educational program

Minimum Qualifications

  • Christian Faith: Has received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and demonstrates a mature faith in the Lord
  • Statement of Faith, Culture, Guiding Principles, & Core Values: Commitment to New Song’s Statement of Faith, Culture, Guiding Principles, & Core Values Statement
  • Unconditional Love: Loves children unconditionally and demonstrates this love appropriately
  • Educational Requirements: College degree in the field of Education (Master’s preferred), Indiana State Teaching license
  • Experience: Has at least three years of experience in school administration (or the equivalent)
  • Knowledge: Has knowledge of the physical and emotional development of children who have grown up in chaotic, dysfunctional backgrounds and is willing to learn more about how to successfully work with such children
  • Student Respect: Has the ability to command the respect of children who have behavioral difficulties and maintain a structured, disciplined environment
  • Student Conflict: Can work in a conflictual environment while maintaining personal emotional strength through security in the Lord
  • Student Discipleship: Is able to disciple children in the Lord and is willing to grow through training in this important area
  • Classroom Management: Can manage a multi-grade classroom setting and has a willingness to learn and grow in this area through training/mentorship
  • Personal characteristics: Possesses those personal characteristics which are necessary and beneficial to effectively teach vulnerable at-risk children and manage a classroom environment
  • Physical Capacity: Has the physical capacity to fulfill each of the duties and responsibilities listed, as well as physical activities such as general lifting, light athletics, and school outings
  • Continuous Learning: Demonstrates the desire and ability to continually learn and grow in the position
  • Valid Driver’s License: Has and maintains a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a ministry vehicle to transport children without restrictions
  • General Qualifications: Meets the general qualifications for employment as outlined in the personnel policies
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