Not everyone is called into Christian ministry. One of the greatest mistruths in the Christian world today is that those in ministry are more spiritual than those that are not.

This is totally false. The Bible even teaches us that we are one body and many parts. Previous teaching has shown us that those in ministry carry more spiritual blessing because they have sacrificed their life for the Kingdom of God. However, this is not correct.

God calls you to excel in the gifts He has given you. It is pointless wanting to be a pastor when it is obvious your gifting is in food. Likewise it is sad to think a pastor is ‘stuck’ in his role in the church if he has always longed to be in the corporate world and is desperately unhappy.

Fortunately, the Christian world has caught on to the fact that more ministry can actually be done outside the church than within it. 99% of Christians go off to the workforce each day (of those that are employed, that is), and every single one of them has the ability to not only be a witness to their colleagues, but to also work their God-given talents in such a way that their excellence brings influence, which then opens up doors to these same colleagues to share the Word of God.

Accordingly the vision of My Christian Daily Jobs is naturally to help churches and Christian organizations such as Christian schools, colleges, missions and ministries to find the right staff, but at the same time we are just as focused on seeing employment positions for carpenters, lawyers and other skillsets. We want to help all those Christian-owned and managed small businesses out there to find the staff with the same heart and belief system as they have, but at the same time ensuring that these people are also well skilled in the position that they are wanting to be employed in.

So in closing, your ‘calling’ is always closely aligned with your skills and talents. Those talents were given to you by God in the first place, and He does not need a world full of pastors, evangelists and Christian aid workers. Of course they are essential, He needs them, but he also needs millions of us other Christians out in the regular workforce being His arms and legs.